Indulge Interiors

Indulge Interiors offers an array of possibilities to transform your home.  For more details, visit  our "What We Do" section below.

What we do

  • DIY

    D.I.Y. Room Design Package

    If you know what you like, or at the very least what you do not like, Diana will create an entire room concept with inspiration from something as little as a pillow to your favourite magazine clipping....
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  • Colour Consultations

    One of the most economical ways to transform a space is to add some colour!  Most people are left with the question of what would work best for their space...
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  • Custom Window Treatments

    Whether you are looking for a way to accent a large bay window or simply block out streetlights at night, Diana will find window treatments that will be exactly what you are looking for!
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  • Fabrics, Finishes & Accessories Selection

    Tired of guests walking into your home and knowing exactly where you were shopping to obtain all of your products? Visit our finishes and accessories page to find out how to fix it..
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  • Furniture / Upholstery Selection

    If you have a favorite piece of furniture that simply needs a ‘fresh face,’ contact us today to discuss how to reincorporate these outdated pieces back into your space...
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  • Room Layout / Space Planning

    Whether you are interested in just playing with your room’s existing pieces and simply need a new configuration, or you are moving into a new home...
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  • Lighting Plans

    Often overlooked and under appreciated, lighting is crucial to your space’s design...
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